Pebble Woven - Hopi Blanket



Pebble Woven is made from our aniline-dyed Mesa cowhide, burnished to create a time-worn patina and a distressed look, and woven on hand-operated antique teak looms. Pebble Weave is strong and resilient and will not permanently stretch or bag when upholstered; the unique weaving technique imparts a memory that always returns to original form. Pebble Woven is suitable for accessories, wall coverings and upholstery applications in moderate wear areas. It has a light jersey backing for pattern stability and protection, and is treated with flame retardant to meet industry standards. Natural variations in color, tone and texture are part of the beauty of this leather artwork and highlight each hide's unique history and natural markings.

CONTENT: Genuine Woven with Mercerized Cotton Thread
AVG HIDE SIZE 54" Wide Goods