L'ÂGE D'OR - De La Lune Au Soleil | DEDAR

L'ÂGE D'OR - De La Lune Au Soleil



This jacquard in wool and cotton is characterized by a thick interlacing of wefts which give life to an alternation of patterns embellished by the use of metallic inserts. The pattern reminds the Bauhaus artworks, especially the abstract drawings and the extensive research on materials which have rendered the works of Anni Albers famous. The fabric recalls the trend which was launched with Present Perfect and Present Continuous, this time bringing it to a more delicate dimension thanks to the choice of thinner yarns.

WIDTH: 57.09"
CONTENT: 36%Wo 25%Pes 21%Cv 15%Co 3%Pm
REPEAT: 11.42"