Stacy Garcia Trifecta Cowhide - Mint



Experience geometric perfection with Trifecta, a small scale triangular pattern which constructs a lively three dimensional appearance.  The architectural design is strategically embossed and flood-coated to play with depth perception, creating a textural surface.  Trifecta is available in 7 refreshing colors ranging from refined neutrals to soft hued pastels.  Trifecta was designed by Stacy Garcia for Townsend Leather. Natural variations in color, tone and texture are part of the beauty of this leather artwork and highlight each hide's unique history and natural markings.  There will be natural variations in grain texture, distressing effect, and in color shading within a hide and from hide to hide.

CONTENT: 100% Genuine Cowhide
AVG HIDE SIZE 25 - 30 SF Sides (Half Hides)