Rich lampas taken from a precious pointed paper which can be dated to the second half of the eighteenth century and is housed in the Musée des Tissus de Lyon. Attributed to Philippe de Lasalle, one of the most famous textile designers in the silk industry of the eighteenth century, Madame du Barry has a stylish decorative pattern with elegant ears of corn, a pair of doves and a straw hat, all bedecked with graceful ribbons and flowering foliage. As well as the pattern itself the actual “structure” of the pointed paper is included in this lampas with the squares of the ground, a technique whose purpose was to make the pattern easier to read in line with manufacture on the loom. The lampas, designed in a single colour, stands out on account of the richness of the colours and the “golden touches” created by the skilful weaves. Although this is a fabric with a decidedly classic style, due both to its silk quality and elegance of the pattern, it was recently also used to upholster armchairs with an innovative and contemporary design produced by Moroso, Italian leader in the area of upholstered furniture.
CONTENT:  65%VI 12%CO 12%SE 8%AC 3%PM
WIDTH: 53"
REPEAT: 36.6"