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Hand forged in France, hand finished in Nashville, Ironware International is revered as one of the most sophisticated lighting collections.

In 1988 Karin Eaton brought the original creations of Pierre Picard to America. In 2013 Ironware International celebrated a transatlantic partnership that has flourished for 25 years. Today, Thierry and David Duboscq ar the 2nd and 3rd generation respectively, to continue the esteemed traditions begun when master blacksmith Pierre Picard founded the Atelier Picard in 1966.

To complement and transform this vibrant work, Ironware has developed a sophisticated finishing studio in Nashville where 35 patinas are meticulously hand applied by their skilled artisans.

Karin Eaton’s fresh design work uses the finesse of the old world craftsmanship to tell a 21st century story. And, after 25 years, each of our 500+ designs still made one at a time in a small village in Normandy and each piece is defined by the mark of the Atelier Picard-Duboscq.